Megan Wilson, ARNP


Megan Rosenboom Wilson was born here in Gainesville, Florida where she has spent most of her life. She attended the University of Florida for nursing school where she made the Dean’s List and completed the VALOR program. Megan spent most of her career in Emergency Medicine and worked with a plastic surgeon where she developed an appreciation for aesthetics.

While obtaining her Masters in Nursing with Chamberlain College of Nursing, she did several clinical rotations in Women’s Health and developed a new interest in the area of gynecology. Megan is looking forward to building relationships with the patients of this practice and continuing the excellence of care. In addition to seeing gynecologic patients, Megan is expanding our practice to include aesthetic services such as laser treatment, Botox, and Juvaderm. Megan is also very dedicated to health and fitness. She will be supervising our weight loss program, called BeFit.

Megan met her now husband while working in the emergency department. They married at the end of 2013.  They welcomed their first child while she was completing her Masters education. Since joining our practice, she has had a second child. Her family enjoys playing outside, spending time with friends and making frequent trips to Disney.